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Your all-in-one solution for managing your school

A powerful suite of tools, built to make your life easier

An all-in-one martial arts membership management software system made for facilities of all sizes.

Automated Billing
Member Tracking
Nurture System
Point of Sale
Appointment Booking
Class Scheduling
Member App

Never miss a payment with automatic billing

Take the stress out of your billing process by sending all of your payments through Pulse’s payment processing system.

See exactly where your money is coming from and rest assured that all data is protected.


Memberships and other recurring payments bill automatically – so you don’t have to think twice about it!

Payment Options

Credit card, cash, check, ApplePay and beyond – whatever your members payment method it, Pulse has it covered!

Digital Agreements

Members can fill out your custom agreements and intake forms when scheduling, freeing up time when they arrive for their class.

Member Tracking

With Pulse member profiles, everyone on your team can take a look at communication, attendance history, payment history and more.

Whether you’re adding members to the system manually or automatically generating contact profiles when memberships are purchased, Pulse member profiles keep track of everything in the same place.

Belt Ranks

Set up ranking systems and track ranks for each program that you offer with optional time, attendance, and age requirements.

Attendance Tracking

Get an easy high level overview of attendance by the day with an interactive chart. Dive in deeper by selecting specific rosters.

Mass Promotions

Promote full rosters all at once with Pulse’s mass promotion tool. Everyone on a roster isn’t ready to promote? You can promote individually, too!

Nurture System

At Pulse, we know it’s all in the follow-up. Customize our communication system to fit your process, so you never miss an opportunity with your leads or your members.

Follow-up Campaigns

Automated campaigns mean you can spend less time behind the computer and more time with your members.


track potential members with custom phases and nurture them through the customer life cycle

Two-way Communication

Send texts, emails, and even ringless voicemails to your contacts through Pulse. When they respond, you’ll get notified so you can hop in and reply!

Point of Sale

Keep up with all of your transactions in one place.

Pulse’s Point of Sale system makes sales transactions simple. Take payments in your facility or online through the member app.

Sell Products

Easily sell items from your pro shop both online and in your facility. From gear orders online to a water bottle after class, the Pulse Point of Sale system has it covered.


Set up one time or multiple use coupon codes that can be used for down payment discounts, reduced payments for the length of memberships, gear in the pro shop, and more.

Track Orders

Track members’ order history and fulfillment & keep up with your facility’s inventory so you know when you’re running low on things and when it’s time to restock.

Appointment Booking

Give your members the ability to book appointments with Pulse’s simple scheduling options.

Integrate your scheduler on your website for easy registration. It’s quick to book classes & 1-on-1 sessions on mobile and on the member app – so your members can book when they’re on the go.

Auto Schedule

With Pulse’s scheduler, your members can hop on, find the class time that works best for them, and schedule their classes on their own.

Manage Appointments

Easily set up your calendar, view all of your upcoming appointments and make any necessary changes in just a few clicks.

Integrate Calendar

Connect your Google calendar to Pulse and create scheduling pages for 1 on 1 lessons, personal training, intro sessions – the list could go on and on!

Class Scheduling

With Pulse’s scheduler, your clients can quickly view real-time class availability and book classes with ease.

Digital waivers can be signed as soon as classes are scheduled – that means new clients can walk right onto the mat when they arrive!

Self-serve Class Booking

Members can book classes on your website or the member app. Schedules will update in real time to show the latest availability.

Capacity Management

Have limited class sizes? With Pulse, that’s no problem! Set caps on each of your classes to ensure you’re not overbooked.

Set Blackout Dates

Block out the days your facility isn’t open to prevent your members from registering for classes on days you’re not offering them.

Member App

The Pulse member app lets your members take things into their own hands – updating payment info and making purchases, checking in for classes, registering for events, and more can be done in just a few clicks.

Manage Account

With the Pulse member app, your members can hop on to update their information, sign up for classes, and reschedule whenever they need to.

Shopping Cart

Members can add items from your pro shop to their shopping cart and make gear purchases directly from the app.

Online Training

Add your curriculum videos, documents, news, and events to the Pulse member app so your members can access everything in one place.

Featured Customer
Kevin Nevels

I’ve been working with Pulse for nearly six months and I have quickly learned it is an awesome piece of software. There are many other software solutions that would probably work for your business but Pulse is different. It’s built by martial artist, with other martial arts school owners, to give everyone the tools they need.


What is the difference between Pulse and other systems out there?

Pulse was built with you in mind. Our team has created a system that moves with the way you do business – not the other way around.

We’ve eliminated the frustration of having to mold your processes around the way that your software works and developed an easy-to-use system – meaning you can focus more on your members instead of your software.

Will I be able to import information from my current system?

Pulse’s member import tool makes pulling your existing data into the system simple.

The Pulse team is also here to help you along the way!

Should I expect any down time when it comes to Pulse?

Pulse currently has a 99.9% up time. We’re all about transparency though, so if down times do happen, you’ll know about them first.

How will I learn how to use Pulse?

We’ve got a ton of resources to get you going in the system! You can schedule a live onboarding call or check out our resource library for quick video recordings Pulse’s features.

Once you’re in the system, our support team is available to walk you through anything you need, too!

Will I be notified of any updates or changes in Pulse?

We’ll post notifications if we make any updates or changes to the system. Typically, the notifications will include a quick video how-to or a description of what changed.

You can also join the Pulse Facebook group, where you’ll find updates and input from other Pulse users!

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