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Membership Templates
One Time & Subscription Billing
Autocollect & Payment Retries
Membership Order Bumps
Prorate Support
Stripe Integration
Bank Wire (ACH)
Flexible Payment Terms
Customizable Checkout Pages
Transparent Processing Fees
1099-K Document Creation
Automatic Card Updates
Apple Pay Support
Google Pay Support
Pass on Processing Fees Option
Customize Membership During Signup
Prospect Management
Customizable Prospect Phases
Kanban Management Board
Easily Export Prospects
Member Tracking
Digital Agreements
Pause Memberships
Easily Change Payment Methods
Churn Minimizer
Individual Financial Stats
Guardians / Dependents Support
Smart Lists
Merge Users
Rosters Support
Attendance Tracking
Attendance Kiosk App (Apple & Android)
QR Code / Barcode Scanner
Attendance History
Automation Support
Backdate Attendance
Rank Tracking
Mass Promotions
Export Promotion Lists
Accept Payment for Promotions
Nominate Members for Promotion
One Click Promotion
Rank History
Configure Rank Requirements
Track Stripes
Direct SMS Messaging
Image/GIF Support for SMS
Send & Schedule Bulk Emails / SMS
Call Forwarding
Create Email Templates
Saved SMS Replies
Send Newsletters
Drip Campaigns (SMS & Email)
Merge Tags
Safe Times for Sending
Drag-and-Drop Email Builder
Advanced Trigger & Action System
Online Customer Portal
Point of Sale
Cash Register System
Inventory Tracking
Automated Product Ordering
Supplier Tracking
SKU Tracking
Fulfillment Center
Terminal Integration
Purchase Through App
Class Management
Set Capacity Limits
Associate Staff Members With Classes
Allow Pre Registration
Manage Bookings Through App
Set Blockout Dates
Limit Classes by Roster
Easily View Booked Classes
Event Management
Accept Payments for Events
Easily View Attendee List
Multiple Ticket Options
Easily Add Addons
Customize Registration Fields
Sign Up Through App
Coupon Support
Staff Management
Timesheet Tracking
Staff Ability Management
Gmail Calendar Sync
Create Scheduling Pages
Specify Time Slots
Customize Registration Fields
Track Shows, No-Shows, Rescheduled
Automatic Appointment Reminders
Self Service Scheduling & Rescheduling
Round-Robin Scheduling
AutoSchedule (Finds mutually available times)
Supports 4 Languages (English, Spanish, French, German)
Easily Convert Data
Import Member Data
Transfer Credit Card Tokens
Market Muscles (direct, one login)
97 Display
Website Dojo
Printable Reports
Financial History
Sales Tax
Eligible for Promotion
End of Day Reports
Member App
Payment History
Sign Digital Agreements
Rank History
Book Classes
Purchase Products
Attendance History
Register for Events
Pay for Belt Testings
Staff App
Manage Members
Communicate with Leads
View Statistics
Advanced Dashboard
Terminology Settings
API Documentation
Switch Between Locations with One Login
Native Desktop App
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